Advantages of PCNL for Large Kidney Stones


  • Post-procedure stone free rate of greater than 97%.

  • Less post-operative pain as compared to open surgery.

  • Fewer complications as compared to open surgery due to the small incision and minimally invasive access to the kidney.

  • Quicker return to activities of daily living and work compared to open surgery.

  • In some cases, a quicker return to daily activities as compared to less invasive procedures (due to the fact that in most scenarios the stones can be completely cleared in one procedure).

  • Better stone free rates post-procedure for larger and more complex stones as compared to less invasive options (SWL and ureteroscopy).

  • Tubeless PCNL offers patients the benefits of no urine leakage, no discomfort from an external drainage tube and many patients report a quicker recovery. Learn more here.



When performed by an experienced surgeon such as Julio Davalos, M.D., the risk of major complications is less than 1%.  As with any surgical procedure, complications can and do occur.  Most complications are minor and can be managed while you are at the hospital or surgical center.

Learn more about Tubeless PCNL.